Artist Bio

Andrea Hellena Lambrakis is a painter and ceramicist from Palm Beach County, Florida. The primary theme in her work is “everyday life,” which she captures in figurative realism, portraiture, still life and functional ceramic creations. By celebrating simple moments, Andrea creates visual representations of hope and joy. Her work has been exhibited at diverse South Florida venues, from the Armory Arts Center in West Palm Beach to the Hollywood City Hall. Andrea has also been awarded many private commissions, including portraits of families, children and pets. She has also created customized greeting cards for prominent area businesses.

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University, where she also earned her M.B.A. Andrea also holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Florida State University.

Artist Medium

  • Figurative
  • Still-life
  • Pet portraits

  • Functional dinnerware
  • Ceramic favors for special occasions
  • Decorative wall hangings

Artist Statement

In this life – if we’re lucky – we experience a full range of emotions, from extreme happiness and joy, to anger, pain and loss. The events that create these emotions etch themselves into our minds…but what about everything in between? The countless fleeting moments that form the tapestry of our lives may seem insignificant and mundane, but are the glue that binds us to each other. These honest and candid “snapshots” are the focus of my work. Through my subjects, I strive to reveal the essence that gives me pause and fills my life with joy and hope.

My work focuses on figurative realism, portraiture, still life and ceramic creations. When painting, I work in acrylic on easel-sized canvas or hardboard. Acrylic paint allows me to capture light and movement through vivid colors and earth tones, which also enhance the meaning of my work. I utilize both the playful and the poignant to express what gives life meaning: children playing on the beach; a cartwheel for daddy; a loving hug; or the comfort of a favorite pair of well-worn shoes as a metaphor of our journey through life.

My functional pottery adds an element of celebration to each meal served on them. I use mid-fire stoneware, food-safe glazes and mason stains to create pieces that are earthy and rustic, yet refined. They are meant for everyday use, but can easily make the leap to special occasions.

As an artist, my goal is to make the viewer STOP… just for a moment. Enjoy the here and now, for this is what our lives are made of.